The Dangers of Overthinking.


I wasted thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes of life that I can’t take back, because of worry. Thirty minutes that jumped to tomorrow, to the next week, to the next month, to the worst conclusions as I thought about the things I may have failed to do, last week.

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The Woman and the Stranger


The town’s size was exceptional; exceptionally small. You could go around it in a couple of hours and know every stone on the cobbled main street. Strangers pass by it in order to get to the next town or the city a few miles off it; but nobody new stayed. The permanence of the town is its people, generations settling down and barely changing surnames.

She lived in the town for as long as she lived, in a small house with her mother. Everybody knew everyone in that place. Life had been simple, and she was a simple girl, with dreams of permanence in this simple town.

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