There Are No Odds in My Favor

I think it would be worthy of a bookmark that I ever attempted to finish three books in 24 hours.

My sister thought I was studying again, so intently have I been sitting with the books for the entire day (I’ll get my life back tomorrow. I promise.) True enough, I’ve been scarfing down every word and every page as though I were one of the tributes lacking food, or manners. But I finished the first two, under 12 hours, which is quite something even for me.

Obviously late of the hype. Still, I can reason I’m only fashionably late.

The fact that this is a dystopia and thankfully not real gets me thinking what is, of what I have, sitting on a sofa all day reading books. It gets me thinking whether I had the frivolity of the life in Capitol. Or the affluence of the much important districts. And like Peeta, I don’t want to go down this way. Peeta Mellark, the boy everyone now loves. I can see why that is easy to do.:))

Haymitch Abernathy’s wisdom floats off the page. You could do a lot worse. We all could have. How comfortable is this life compared to taking whips and bullets and more for your loved ones? Certainly foreign in my part of the world, but that just makes me grateful for our (my family’s) lives and prayerful for those that aren’t.

There are no odds in my favor. And I’m thankful for that. Odds, unpredictable or predictable depending how you see them, useful they may be, have no place in my life, because odds change, by manipulation or otherwise. I’m glad my life depends on more than that. The unchanging goodness of a good and just God. How you can trust Someone unchanging, author of everything, ever intending good for our lives. How grateful I am that God, not odds, are in favor of my life. And yours, if you let Him.

 Taste and see that the Lord is good, blessed is the man who takes refuge in him! – Psalm 34:8

This is just one more of the character of God that we can just take note of.:)

I can ruminate over everything I come across if I choose to    I’ll go back to my reading now.:))


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