Some people can remember the exact date and time they met the greatest love of their life.

I consider them lucky, because though it happened to me in two ways, I could barely remember the date, or even the year, when I did. All I could think about when going back to those days:

a dusty side road;

a night with the yellowish light of the lamp bathing my room.

But I haven’t stopped since.

Could it be possible for a tiny heart grow so big from one great love? But it does. It is such a weak heart, wheezing and slowing down when the stretching gets too painful, and demanding more oxygen, more air. I need You. More of You please. And then it expands like it’s bursting, but it never does. It’s sustained by what expands it, and I’m left to wonder.

With the pieces of my heart,

I ran to Your side


You comforted me

And told me You are my Great Love

Thank You.

I won’t ever forget the feeling that I poured out my heart to You Lord and You made it new.


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