Right now, I am thankful for simple conversations. Things like, “Oh, and how are you?” Words that don’t ask too much from me, but just, sincerely, wanting to know where I am. Without the burden of listening only, silently thinking, “When is my turn to speak?” None of “I have a solution for that (and so let’s move on)” but a silent “I understand. How do you feel?” An unburdening. I am thankful to You for unburdening me.

Because no matter how petty, You listen, and it is a mighty comfort. Even during the course of talking to You I find my feelings baseless and wrong, You delight in showing me that You are molding me and yet You love me just the same. You said in Your word, he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed. When I find myself spent, I know I can find my fill in You.

So I am grateful, yet again, that You, my God, my Father, are ever near to me and You hear me.


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