I panted heavily, exhausted from the battle. My vest stuck onto my body, helmet weighing on my head, making sweat run down my face and on my eyes, making me blink. I stared at the bloodshed before me, wishing I was still as ruthless as I was in the beginning, wishing we were all standing upright instead of doggedly fighting. Instead, I see fallen bodies, merciless captors, people just as tired as me.

I knew I couldn’t pause even for a second, and sure enough, the enemy stood towering before me, eyes glinting with malice. “Are you done here? Because it seems that you’re too tired to fight.”

My jaw clenched as I stared at him grimly, not answering. For sure, anything I say he’d twist to his advantage. And right now, anything I say I feel I could say with less conviction.

“I expected so much, mighty warrior. I tried so hard to bring you and your allies down.” He looked around. “But it seems you can’t get past this point. Shouldn’t you give up now?”

“The Commander says we’ll take what’s ours.”

“Really? But all it seems to be happening is you losing to me.” He took a step closer, and I flinched, tightening my hold on the dagger. “Where is your commander now?“

“He’s coming.” I answer forcefully, but he laughed as he caught the obvious doubt. “He is, is he? He says so many things, doesn’t he? Expanding your tents, giving you an inheritance, yet losing it all to gain him,” he paused and glared at me. “Yet here you are, losing, and where is he?”

“I don’t have to listen to you.”

“And yet you never once tried to stab me in the course of our little moment.” He said triumphantly.

I was livid, yet the tiredness in my bones and the weight on my shoulders wouldn’t make me move. I feel that victory is just a step away, but why is it so hard to press on?

Am I to only drop my weapon after years and years of fighting and winning?

The Commander never says anything offhand.

A shout behind me startled me out of my thoughts, and in an instant the enemy was right there, a second too late in kicking me down. He snarled as we wrestled with all our might, and a sight in the corner of my eye explained his sudden aggression;

The Commander, in all his glory, marching towards us with victory in tow. He caught sight of me and from the corner of my eye, I saw his hard, stern look. But beneath the blazing fire in his eyes, I saw a much deeper feeling that rushed into me and gave me a surge of strength.

I gripped my dagger harder and whispered. “I’m sorry, I had a lapse in time. The Commander? He’s already here.” I lunged forward with the dagger straight to the enemy’s heart. “He always has, He’s here all along. Now we’ll take what is ours without your opposition.”

A great sound was heard as the rest of the troops marched forward with the Commander at the flank. When he got to me, he nodded and I joined the rest walking tall behind him.

“Well done.” He said simply, and I felt the tiredness replaced by the joy of victory as we moved forward with Him.



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