Women Need Men To Act Like Real Men

I was on Facebook when I saw this post:

“His other friend approached me telling me I was wrong for what I did. That I should have just slapped him and told security. My girlfriends are livid, and I’m stunned. Really dude? Your friend sexually violated me and punched me in the face! My gentleman friend Daniel was finally by our side asking him, if someone grabbed your girlfriend’s chocha, would you not have smashed his face in? Of course. Of course. But to everyone’s bewilderment, I guess that’s what the problem was. I had done it myself. I took care of myself just fine.”

I don’t really know what should have been the Christ-like thing I could have done if I were in a situation like this girl’s. These situations are probably ones where I suddenly throw out “woman of God” in the meek and gentle sense, out the window. But I do know that I never regretted connecting my fist on the face of the neanderthal who tried to get weird on me years back. Even if I did look like a raving lunatic when I tried to expose what he did in the middle of the crowded walkway.

So this is what I wanted to say: I dearly pray that men would take a stand and teach other men to be real gentlemen. We CAN’T do that for you. We’re girls. Women can’t tell you what God had created you to be; we have probably an idea, but any less and we’d be waaaay off the mark. We don’t know your strengths, your wiring, your challenges, your scars, or your battles. We don’t understand that. That’s between God and Adam (and the rest of you). I don’t think we can entrust this to society. Heck, maybe this is what society has done: teaching men to do the wrong things then howl in pain when justice gets served by a tiny girl.

Godly men, please, please step up. Don’t let your mothers/sisters/daughters even be NEAR a case like this. Teach men to man up.

It’s a huge burden. But I hope somebody takes it.


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