This is how we came to be.

I believe everyone has a backstory, and each person’s life story has an over-arching theme. Most of who I’ve met have struggles with who they were and if they matter; the reason why I can spot this easier than most is because that is my over-arching theme: Identity.

I became a Christian after living like I’ve shuffled my identity to every nearest new thing that I could latch it on to. It was terribly terrifying to be defined by things that didn’t last and you had to work hard for; and I came to Jesus at near breaking point. I didn’t realize that I was tired. I only did when I found out that I didn’t have to do anything but accept His love and sacrifice, and all other efforts were futile. Thankfully, since that day, I gave bit by bit of caution and doubt to the wind, as I began to exercise more and more faith. Since that day, He has ever proven Himself the faithful, constant, strong and loving God.

Just like the Samaritan woman at the well, the one who has had many husbands, I got redeemed of a life of thirst from purpose and identity; God has healed my heart from the attachments that never secured who I was. I don’t know everything that I would/could become now, to the next ten minutes, to the next ten, twenty years. But I’m in faith – I’m dearly loved, His plans are good and perfect, and He will use me for His purposes and for His glory.

Friend, if you have a story that is similar to mine, ask God to show you who YOU are IN HIM. Don’t blink – because He will surely reveal these things to you, and He delights for you to know how much you mean to Him.

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