Why I Do Ministry, 1

P_20160507_182012_1…to see families like this celebrating their bonds centered around Christ.

It’s a huge blessing to see people being made happy of what you have, with your friends, worked hard on and truly bless them on that level. It makes the work worth it.

That being said, I’m proud to be a member of this little family in my local church.


*taken from our most recent set-up for Mother’s Day weekend. Do visit us!

Meeting God.

Tomorrow is the start of our church’s annual January prayer and fasting. It’s the third year that I am deciding to take part of this, and each time I’ve come out of it, I would be filled with fresher revelations of who God is and what He’s done for us, that I’d be in complete awe. I’m excited to do this again for five days just seeking God and just being still before Him.


The reason why we do this in church is because as a church, we’d like to offer up at the beginning of the year all the areas of our lives in God’s control. Fasting (not eating or specifically denying the self something that constitutes a need) makes the body weak but the spirit strong; which makes the seeker (- that’s you Harry) more in tune with God’s Spirit. Combined with praying, it’s a surefire way of making the devil nervous about you and your faith. Aside from praying about the things that we’d like to see happen this year, it’s also a time to be particularly sensitive about heart issues – not the romantic kind, but the obedience kind (though it could fall in that category too).

So aside from praying for personal, relational or financial breakthroughs, this is a good time to be still before God. There is so much to be figured out, issues just begging for me to pay attention and fix, battles waged and battles half-going on. Funnily enough, I’m stopping right now and seeking the Commander-in-Chief. This is my stop. This is where I lay it down before Him, because greater than the answers to my problems I know I won’t just be satisfied by solutions. I don’t just want answers, I want THE ANSWER. I want to sit still and let the Truth just drown me in His presence.

Prayer and fasting isn’t my Make-A-Wish, though I’m in faith that the prayers I’ve readied for the year are prayers that will be answered in God’s timing. More than the promise itself, I want to be looking at the Promise-Keeper. It’s time for audacious faith in Jesus.