The Universe is His Stage


I absolutely love musicals. There’s something magical about melding my favorite forms of art in one thing – song and story – that gives me that certain kilig. I took up piano for the sole purpose of learning the songs from my favorite musicals; and when that didn’t work out, I secretly practiced along to every Lea Salonga musical number to somehow gain her pitch. That didn’t work out so well either.

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What Do You Mean, Godly Relationships?


I was a product of the so-called Christian non-dating.

It was exactly on the day that I became a Christian where I had read I Kissed Dating Goodbye — and in a rather curious (first) experience, I felt the heavy burden of a resolution stirring up inside of me the moment I read about Joshua Harris’ views on dating to glorify God.

I didn’t understand completely what “glorifying God” meant at that moment. I had no idea how hurtful it was to put down something you really cherished in order to pursue God. But that night, I broke up with my boyfriend, asking him, like for confirmation, if our relationship was pleasing to God.

I haven’t been in a relationship since. And I am totally fine about it.

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He Listens. And He Answers.


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For most of my relationship with God, I struggled to hear His words on certain things – especially, those things that I am absolutely itching to get answers for. Sometimes, this impatience carries on to the inability to understand what I hear from God at all, and then all this (rather unnecessary) confusion and worry about what God might be saying to me.

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