Stealing Some Springtime

It’s the middle of May! I’m here thinking, where did the rest of the year go? It’s almost midyear, and this is the time where I almost always feel confused as regards to time/what I did/what happened/where it went.

So here’s what I’ve been doing:

– taken (and finished) a Greek History class

– taken a Behavioral Econ class, but I think I might need to retake that (it’s free!)

– now I’m juggling a writing class, a psychology intro class, and work

It’s spring in other countries, and here it already started raining. In fact, a thunderstorm is set to form before the day ends, or so says our weather station, which is actually fast becoming an Uncle Abe of sorts.

I just emailed my sister, commenting that spring looks bright for them (judging from the photos she sent of them at the beach). It elicited surprise for me because I thought, from the books I read, the area where she’s in always rained even in good weather. Because the Philippines only has two seasons – summer and rainy season – I feel sometimes it’s unfortunate that I can’t experience what it’s like to wait for a groundhog or the blooming of a flowering tree after a long cold season. But I suppose it’s better for the country to NOT have snow, as we’re likely less prepared.

So I steal spring from other places – my sister’s photos, and this song. I love the MV, even if I don’t understand any of it, and the ending is hilarious.