Bottle O’ Dreams

I’ve waited so many months for the new year to come so I can do this little project, and then I forget all about it and do it five days after 2013 started?? Okay, it’s only been five days. And by the time the year rolled in, I haven’t actually had my brain settled (I was enjoying the holidays too much).


I saw this project on Tumblr a while back and thought it was a great idea: you get a bottle, a handful of dreams and write them each on paper at the beginning of the year and fill the bottle; at the end of the year you get to look back at the stuff you wrote and that mushy feeling of gratitude creeps up on you. Since prayer and fasting is up next week, I decided to tie this in because, hey, cheesy enough as it sounds, we do need to dream big and be expectant of miracles. God’s power and provision never runs out, just as His love. And, heck, why not.

I decided to use the old Sola bottle I have in my room (for whatever reason I kept it, it’s now serving a purpose at least lol), and the Post-its and stickies I got in bulk during the board exam prep (and various moments I fell for sticky note cuteness). It was fun writing out bizzaro dreams, practical ones (I refuse to call them resolutions), prayers, and of course, faith goals. I even threw in some silly stuff like ‘finally play my guitar’ and ‘building my bookshelf’. It’s a great way to refresh perspectives and restart the heart on that old dream. And even though they say resolutions only start as far as the first few months, that’s all on man-effort; but actually waiting on God to move in my life needs an attentive eye, so I found this way to constantly remind me to trust God for whatever awesomeness He has planned for this year. I think I’m already excited even to revisit my bottle at the end of the year!