The Dangers of Overthinking.


I wasted thirty minutes.

Thirty minutes of life that I can’t take back, because of worry. Thirty minutes that jumped to tomorrow, to the next week, to the next month, to the worst conclusions as I thought about the things I may have failed to do, last week.

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Something to Encourage Us

We all need a lift sometimes. Easy to make it seem that we can do anything and there is nothing to stop us, but sometimes Fear gnaws at the edge of our dreams. So here’s something to lift us all up. God knows we have to be reminded a lot.:)

Whatever good thing it is that you’re waiting for, consider it a gift waiting to be handed down to you by God in His proper time. His answers are never late. Hold on to hope, put your faith in what He can do, because every good thing comes from Him who gave us everything.

Don’t hesitate to pray! And while we’re here, I’d be honored if I can pray with you too.:)