Under the Knife

“A woman is like a machine, it gets to a certain age where you have to fix it.”

Well, that was infuriating. My dad and I hung out post-family dinner watching TV, and the show we landed on talked about whether or not to let a woman/wife get plastic surgery. My dad had been bemused by the number of facial expressions I used.

Frankly, I don’t understand the drive. I DO understand that some days, women really just feel like they’re Ugly. I think I’ve obsessed two full weeks over the wrinkles that started appearing under my eyes, only to give up mid-regimen because I got bored and honestly, who cares? The niggling feeling of something that shouldn’t be there (lines) or something not looking the way it did before (lines, a taut face, chests) is an obsession in itself, and a growing number of girls today find the default answer to be plastic surgery. Even if I don’t wake up feeling and looking like a goddess everyday, I don’t think I’m a “machine” that needs “fixing” or an “upgrade”. (And here we go with the greatest peeve of my existence, objectification.)

While I don’t have any good and insightful things to say to encourage women to be more confident (and stop treating themselves like cars, heh), I can only imagine being forty years old, husband and kids and all, and having this question loom over me: should you or should you not. But the better question would be: is this what I’d say to my future kids? Can I honestly encourage them to think they are beautiful while deliberating PS? How about now, what do I say to my eight year old niece, to my seventeen year old cousin? I’d tell them that of all things having a good heart matters yet I’d set up a model of going to great lengths to make the packaging pretty too?

That’s not the legacy I’d want to leave my younger family members with, to treat beauty like a commodity, or a car accessory. Why shouldn’t I be confident with how God made me? Why should I let society or my own vanity dictate how God saw me when He molded me?

Just my (pretty long) two cents. I don’t ever want to get to 40 feeling like I need to fix my face like it was broken to begin with!